Fire Safety and Building Construction

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Risk Management Services (RMS) assists the campus community in creating a safe environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. RMS interprets national, state, and local regulations related to occupational and environmental health and safety.

In addition, we provide guidance and support to UA operations and safety programs, encourage good loss prevention practice, and advise Senior Administration on business aspects of environmental health and safety.

Code compliance and permits for construction and renovation of university-owned buildings is under the jurisdiction of Risk Management Services (RMS) per agreement with the Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM). 

RMS provides many services directly and expects University departments to assume responsibility for the safety of their activities.

RMS Fire Prevention Staff reviews all plans and specifications for code compliance and issues permits prior to starting construction.  During construction, RMS Fire Prevention performs all fire inspections.  The final life safety inspection must be approved by RMS prior to occupying the building or space covered by the permit.

A detailed procedure was adopted in July 2011 by the UA Construction Procurement Coordinating Council which applies to all UA owned buildings and renovations, regardless of funding source or construction management/delivery method used. You can review the Construction and Renovation Permitting Procedure.

Please be aware that the process for requesting Building Reviews and Permit Requests has changed. The process has been broken down and streamlined to allow more effective processing of requests.

If you do not have a permit number/activity number for the request, or you are requesting a general construction permit, submit a Construction Review and Permitting Request. For other requests see the options below.

Click here to request a plan review, or request a permit that does not currently have an activity number.

Construction Review and Permitting Request

If you have an existing Activity/Permit Number and need to submit Shop Drawings, ASI, Revisions, and/or Fee Schedules (new and modified) you can upload the files using this form.

Upload Additional Files

If you already have an existing permit or activity number and require additional permits please fill out this form.

Additional Permit Request

To request an Inspection please fill out this form.

Inspection Request

Please note: Risk Management Services will not perform "acceptance final inspections" on fire pumps, and above/underground fuel storage tanks.

However, RMS is to be present as a witness to the acceptance final. These are noted above as "WITNESS".

Requests for new Hot Work permits and Shutdown Requests will need to fill out this form.

Hot Work and Shutdown Requests

This form must be submitted to allow at least 3 full working days between the day the request is submitted and the day requested for the shutdown. (i.e. submit on Monday for a Thursday shutdown.) This time is needed for proper routing and approval. This form will be emailed directly to Risk Management Services and FM Fire Safety for approval.

For a request less than 3 full working days in the future, please fill out the form and then call Risk Management at 520-621-1790 for Hot Work permit, or Fire Safety at 520-626-6657, for a shutdown request. Failing to call may result in the request being denied or missed.

Submit this form for requests for Open Flame or Pyrotechnic activities.

Open Flame - Pyrotechnics Permit Requests

To request a Fire Watch, please submit this form.

Fire Watch Request

To request a Permit Extention, please submit this form:

Permit Extension Request

To submit a Petition of Appeal to the Fire Code Official, use the following form.

Petition of Appeal to the Fire Code Official

Key Points to Remember

The project manager has the primary responsibility ot prepare and submit to RMS the Information necessary to conduct a plan review of the project. 

Projects may not commence until a permit is issued. Projects that commence prior to issuance of a permit will be shut down. Work already performed without a permit may have to be dismantled if necessary to perform RMS Fire Prevention inspections.


Submittal Guidelines for plan and shop drawings for:

Currently, the University of Arizona references the following codes: