Automatic sprinkler systems shop drawing submittal

1. All submittals shall be stamped be an Arizona Design professional or NICET / CSA 3 or above.

2. Name and address of the facility.

3. Name and address of installing contractor, class of license, and license number and contact phone number.

4. Type of facility, product or commodity, and type and class of hazard. (Consistent with stamped construction plans.)

5. Floor plan with all doors, windows, partitions, rated walls and mechanical equipment.

6. Type of ceiling and roof construction.

7. Type of sprinkler system, Wet, Dry, Pre-action, Deluge, etc.

8. Total square footage protected by system.

9. N.F.P.A. standard and edition used in design.

10. Indicate any additions or changes to an existing pipe schedule or calculated system.

11. The system supply slow data including; date, time, location and name of person responsible for the test.

12. The model type, number and operating temperature of all sprinkle heads.

13. If applicable, describe system freeze protection.

14. A scaled site plan indicating hydrants and fire department access. Indicate F.D.C (Fire Department Connection) location, type and thread standard.

15. The type of pipe used for overhead and underground system.

16. Identification of all floor and concealed areas. Provide explanation of the exemption for any area without sprinklers.

17. A plan indicating the full height cross sections including location of sprinkler heads.

18. The distance between heads, branch lines and walls.

19. The distance and labeled riser diagram.

20. The hanger locations, types, swat bracing and seismic zone protection provided.

21. The location of inspectors test value the system. (Interior drain shall handle full test floe or be directed to the outside of the building.)

22. The type of location of alarm bells and interconnection to fire alarm system.

23. The description, type, and size of all coupling and fittings.

24. If required, all Fire pumps specifications.

25. All required U.L or F.M. approvals for system components.

26. All requires calculations if systems is calculated.

27. Payment, cash or check to “Department Fire Building Life Safety” for the estimated Permit fee amount.


The submittal shall include, as a minimum, the following: