Risk Management Services

Coordinating risk management for the University of Arizona.

The Department of Risk Management Services is a support unit in the Division of Business Affairs, coordinating the university's risk management effort through programs in occupational and campus safety, environmental compliance, and institutional insurance coverage.

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News and Updates

CPR classes provided by UA Emergency Medical Services

UA Emergency Medical Services is providing an instructor-led course which covers the information and skills needed to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, an opioid overdose, and stroke. It also shows how to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and uses of an AED for laypeople and healthcare providers. This course results in certification by the American Heart Association.

Any UA student or employee can take this course as cardiac arrest can happen anywhere at any time.

Find more information HERE.

Voluntary Use of Respiratory Protection During COVID-19

The University has released information on the voluntary use of respiratory protection. Consistent with CDC guidance, the UA requires face coverings in campus facilities. The UA Face Coverings directive represents one component in the hierarchy of controls to mitigate risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection. In addition to face coverings, the University has implemented additional measures to reduce exposure potential in indoor spaces that include increased ventilation rates, enhanced filtration, physical barriers, and enhanced disinfection procedures. Read the Details

Respiratory Protection Update

The University of Arizona Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) is a joint effort by Risk Management Services (RMS), Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS), and Occupational Health (OH) to ensure a safe and compliant respiratory protection program. Remember respiratory protection can only be supplied to users if all OSHA-mandated steps are followed. Find out more HERE.

Face Covering Guidance 

In this ever evolving environment, it is likely that our COVID prevention protocols will continue to be adjusted as we respond in real-time to public health conditions. Find out the latest information on face coverings Here.

Get the latest information about the University's  COVID-19 Response.

Fire Extinguisher Training 

This instructor-led, hands-on course covers types of portable fire extinguishers and when and how to use them. Although certain UA employees are required to take this course due to the nature of their responsibilities (ask your supervisor if you aren’t sure), it is open to anybody at the University.

Find the updated Schedule here.

Updated Bloodborne Pathogen ECP

To assist the university community with the implementation of this policy, Risk Management Services administers a comprehensive program to implement those practices which safety and health experts have accepted as effective in minimizing the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens. Read more about Bloodborne Pathogens HERE.

Read the updated Exposure Control Plan

Interim Workplace Health and Safety Policy

University leadership has approved an interim policy addressing workplace health and safety. Feedback may be submitted at the link below.

This policy outlines the University’s commitment to providing all employees, students, volunteers, and visitors with a workplace that promotes health and safety, meets regulatory requirements, assigns responsibility, and addresses workplace hazards in a timely and effective manner.

Click here to see the new policy and leave feedback

COVID-19 Information

The University of Arizona has developed multiple strategies and resources for the campus community to minimize the risk of COVID-19 in campus buildings and university operations.

Click here to get all the latest info for how the University is handling COVID-19. If you need additional safety and health guidance, please email us at RMS-Contact@arizona.edu and someone will respond promptly.