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Risk Management Services (RMS) offers safety training for University students, employees, and volunteers. These online and in-person courses were developed to help mitigate risks associated with daily operations at the University. Please select one of the courses below to access enrollment tutorials and course requirements. Have questions? See our FAQ section below. 

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne  Pathogens  Training

Defensive Driving Training

Defensive  Driving  Training

Utility Cart Training

High Occupancy Vehicle Training

High  Occupancy  Vehicle  Training

Shipping Hazardous Materials (IATA) Training

Shipping  Hazardous  Materials  (IATA)  Training 

Hazard Communication Training

Hazard  Communication  Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire  Safety  Awareness  Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire  Extinguisher  Training

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 Campus  Security Authority  Training 


ASUA Club Advisor Training



























UAccess Learning Frequently Asked Questions



The date on my learning certificate is different from the actual date I completed my certification.

This is an issue we are aware of and working to remedy. Your certification is still valid and your actual completion date is accurately recorded in the system.

When I select "Find Learning" and try to search, it doesn't show the course I need.

This error is due to one of the following.

a. You are a new student and need to log in, then log out and come back the next day for the system to activate your learner profile.

b. You are a current or former student who has been employed at the University in some capacity. Please send us your student/employee ID number so we can assist you. 

Email: risktrn@email.arizona.edu 

When I select "recertify" the system says there are no courses available.

This "recertify" link does not direct you to course recertification. Please reference the video tutorial library and find the recertificaiton video associated with your needed course. 

I have enrolled in the course I need but when I select "Launch" nothing happens.

To resolve this issue please check all of the following:

1. Your browser is up to date

2. Your browser's flash player is up to date and enabled

3. Your browser's popup blockers are disabled for UAccess Learning

I am trying to recertify and have followed the directions sent to me/in the video tutorial but it won't allow me to register/enroll.

Certifications can only be renewed within 30-days prior to expiry. Reference your certification date to see if you are eligible to recertify. Your completed learning dates can be found by selecting "My Learning", then change the dropdown to "05 - Completed and Waived Learning" and select "Go".

I completed the defensive driving course but it still shows as incomplete.

The driver registration portion of the course needs to be manually marked as complete. This is done multiple times throughout the day. Be patient.

How do I enroll in and complete a course?

I have provided video tutorials to assist you in enrolling in and completing coursework through UAccess Learning.

How do I find my learning certificate?

Follow the video tutorial on printing your learning certificate from the video tutorial library.