Amendments to the International Plumbing Code 2018 Edition


University of Arizona




The following provisions of the International Plumbing Code, 2018 Edition, as published by the International Code Council, Inc. are hereby revised as follows:

Chapter 1

Scope and Administration

Revise as follows:  Delete chapter 1 with the exception of section 101.1 and 107.

Section 101.1 Revise as follows: Title. 

Insert: [NAME OF JURISDICTION] as, “University of Arizona.”

Chapter 3

General Regulation

Section 305.4.1 Sewer depth.  Revise as follows: Insert: [NUMBER] as “12” in both locations.

Section 312.1 Required tests. Revise as follows: Delete the last two sentences of the first paragraph which read “After the plumbing fixtures have been set and their traps filled with water, the entire drainage system shall be submitted to final tests. The code official shall require the removal of any cleanouts if necessary, to ascertain whether the pressure has reached all parts of the system.”

Section 314.2.1 Condensate disposal. REVISE Section by ADDING the following at the end of the paragraph:

“Condensate disposal shall be allowed to terminate as follows:

  1. Into an approved fixture tailpiece, funnel drain, waste air gap fitting, floor sink, slop sink, and laundry tray.
  2. At or below grade outside the building in an area capable of absorbing the condensate flow without surface drainage.
  3. Over roof drains, gutters, or downspouts that connect to drainage pipes, provided they terminate at or above grade in an area capable of absorbing the condensate flow without surface drainage.”

Chapter 4

Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture Fittings

410.4 Substitution. REVISE section by ADDING a second sentence to read: “When a single drinking fountain is required, it may be substituted with a point of use water cooler or dispenser.”

ADD new section 412.11 to read:                                                                                                                                   “412.11 Automatic faucets. New or replacement faucets serving lavatories in all buildings other than R3 occupancies, individual units in R2 occupancies, or International Residential Code structures shall be provided with automatic faucets in accordance with 419.6.”



Chapter 5

Water Heaters

Section 504.7.1 Pan size and drain.  Revise as follows: Add the following at the end of the second sentence: “A drain shall not be required for replacement water heaters in locations where no previously installed drain is available.”

Chapter 6

Water Supply and Distribution

Table 604.3 Water distribution system design criteria required capacity at fixture supply pipe outlets. Revise the last column heading to read “Static Pressure”.

Section 608.16.4 Connections to automatic fire sprinkler systems and standpipe systems. Revise as follows:

Delete this section, and all subsequence subsections, (in its entirety) and replace with:

“The potable water supply to automatic fire sprinkler and standpipe systems shall be protected against backflow in accordance with ARS § 41-2168.”

Section 609.6 Clinical, hydrotherapeutic and radiological equipment.  Revise as follows:

Add a second sentence to read:

“If water is used for cooling or heat removal, it shall comply with the International Mechanical Code, amended Section 929.”

Chapter 7

Sanitary Drainage

Section 701.2 Connection to sewer required.   Revise as follows:

Delete, “in accordance with the International Private Sewage Disposal Code”.

Section 707.1 Prohibited joints.  Revise as follows:

Item 5.  Change, “Solvent-cement joints between different types of plastic pipe.”

To read, “Solvent-cement joints between different types of plastic pipe, unless the solvent-cement is listed for the purpose.”

Section 714.1 Sewage backflow.  Revise as follows:

Delete section (in its entirety) and replace with:

“Where the finish floor elevation is less than 12 inches above the elevation of the next upstream manhole cover in the sewer, a backwater valve shall be installed in the building drain or branch of the building drain serving that floor. Floors discharging from above that reference point shall not discharge through the same back water valve.”

Chapter 9

Sanitary Drainage

Section 903.1 Roof extension.   Revise as follows:

Insert: [NUMBER] as “6” inches.






Chapter 10

Traps, Interceptors and Separators

Section 1002.4 Trap seals.  Revise as follows:

Add a second sentence to read:

“Where a trap seal is subject to loss by evaporation, a trap seal primer valve or a trap seal protection device shall be installed.”

Section 1003.3 Grease interceptors.  Revise as follows:

 Delete this section, and all subsequent subsections, (in its entirety) and replace with:

“Section 1003.3 Grease interceptors.  Grease interceptors shall comply with the requirements of the Arizona County Health Department in which the building is located.”

Chapter 13

Nonpotable Water Systems

Revise as follows:

Delete chapter and replace with the following:

“Regulated under Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) Title 18, Chapter 9.”

The following Appendix Requirements are adopted with the following exceptions:


Add “Tucson….. 3.0,” under, “Arizona”.