Construction & Renovation

Construction and renovation in UA facilities are managed by one of four units: Planning Design & ConstructionFacilities ManagementResidence Life, or Real Estate Administration. Individual departments may not arrange for or perform construction and renovation activities without prior coordination with one of the units listed above.

Code compliance and permits for construction and renovation of university-owned buildings is under the jurisdiction of Risk Management Services (RMS) per agreement with the Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM).  RMS Fire Prevention Staff reviews all plans and specifications for code compliance and issues permits prior to starting construction.  During construction, RMS Fire Prevention performs all fire inspections.  The final life safety inspection must be approved by RMS prior to occupying the building or space covered by the permit.

Currently, the University of Arizona references the following codes;

 A detailed written procedure (PDF format) was adopted in July 2011 by the UA Construction Procurement Coordinating Council. Units participating in the development and adoption of the Procedure included the Associate Vice President for Business Affairs, University Attorneys Office, Risk Management Services, Facilities Management, Planning Design & Construction, Real Estate Administration, and Procurement & Contracting Services.

Key points of the procedure include:

  • The Procedure is applicable to UA owned buildings and renovations, regardless of funding source or construction management/delivery method employed.
  • The project manager has the primary responsibility to prepare and submit to RMS the information necessary to conduct a plan review of the project.
  • Projects may not commence until a permit is issued. Projects that commence prior to issuance of a permit will be shut down. Work already performed without a permit may have to be dismantled if necessary to perform RMS Fire Prevention inspections.