Pilot Insurance

The University provides aircraft liability coverage, on application with the Arizona Department of Administration Risk Management Division, through Arizona Revised Statutes §41-621 et seq. For an employee's personal aircraft used within the course and scope of their employment under the following guidelines and requirements. The following points summarize the current requirements of the State of Arizona Department of Administration and are subject to change.

Beyond the requirements below, the Department of Administration requires payment through an annual assessment to the University for aircraft liability self-insurance. The fee covers any number of flights during the fiscal year. University departments or colleges are responsible for payment of the assessment. Payment of the self-insurance assessment does not waive or replace the mandatory minimum $1,000,000 of primary aircraft liability coverage by the employee. No coverage for damage or loss to employee owned aircraft is provided by the University or State of Arizona.

The Travel Office may not reimburse employees for travel as a pilot or crew member on any private or rental aircraft until the below requirements are meet.

Requirements for Pilot Approval

  1. Pilots must meet the State's minimum pilot qualifications for the type of aircraft to be used (see the link below for minimum qualifications).
  2. Pilots must obtain written authorization from their Dean or Vice President to operate aircraft on U of A business.
  3. Submit a completed pilot application for each licensed pilot.
  4. For operation of personally-owned or rented aircraft, provide a certificate of insurance showing minimum aviation liability coverage limits of $1,000,000.
  5. Employees must hold current, proper and legal FAA or affiliated agency certification when flying on University business.
  6. Employees will meet pilot endorsements or warranties on their personal aircraft insurance policy and any endorsements or warranties on University coverage.
  7. Employees, either as the pilot in command or crew member, will hold all licenses and meet all current requirements for flying and/or carrying passengers for the aircraft flown as applicable.
  8. No University coverage applies to:
    • Personal use of aircraft
    • Aircraft for hire or commercial use
    • Agricultural operations
    • External loads
    • Aerial acrobatics
    • Flying without prior State approval and/or payment of the premium

    The State considers any employee using their aircraft in any of the above situations to be outside the course and scope of their employment or University authorization.

  9. The pilot will not exceed either the seating or weight capacity of the aircraft. University coverage, which may vary, limits the seating capacity of the aircraft covered.
  10. All aircraft used by University employees or non-University employees, including volunteers and others acting as agents of the University, will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  11. All guidelines above apply to non-University pilots or crew members when piloting, on authorized University business, an employee owned aircraft for a University employee.