Utility Failure

Notes and Precautions

The University of Arizona has a maintained infrastructure of utilities that is generally uninterrupted. However emergencies such as electric power failure, natural gas leaks, and plumbing failure do occur. During these emergency situations, remaining calm and following the listed procedures will help minimize the disruption to everyday activities.

Power Outage

  • Remain calm.
  • If possible, call Facilities Management at 621-3000.
  • If you are in an unlighted area, proceed cautiously to an area that has lighting. Provide assistance to others in your area that may be unfamiliar with the space.
  • If instructed to evacuate, proceed cautiously to the nearest exit.
    Note: Major campus buildings are equipped with an emergency light system that within 10 seconds of electrical failure will provide enough illumination in main corridors and stairways for safe exiting.

Elevator Failure

  • All campus elevators are equipped with emergency phones connected directly to University Police. If you are trapped in an elevator, contact University Police via the emergency phone. If you discover an emergency (i.e., trapped occupants) involving an elevator, phone University Police immediately (9-1-1).

Serious Gas Leak

  • Cease all operations and immediately vacate the area.
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances, lights, etc.
  • From a distant phone immediately call University Police at 9-1-1 and Facilities Management at 621-3000.

Plumbing Failure/ Flooding

  • Call Facilities Management at 621-3000 immediately, tell respondent of the exact location and severity of leak.
  • If there are electrical appliances and outlets near the leak, use extreme caution.
  • If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.
  • If you know the source of the water and can safely stop it (i.e. unclog the drain, turn off the water, etc.) do so cautiously.
  • Be prepared to assist as directed in protecting objects that are in jeopardy. Take only essential steps to avoid or reduce immediate water damage, by covering, removing or elevating them.

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