Building Evacuation

These guidelines are to assist occupants who may have to evacuate a building in an emergency situation. Circumstances that may require building evacuation may include power failure, criminal activity, discovery of a suspicious object, fire, or an unexpected release of a hazardous material. Always remain calm and follow the directions given by emergency responders (police or fire department personnel), building managers or other persons of authority.

Evacuation Notice

In most cases, use of the building fire alarm system is the most efficient and universally understood means to notify building occupants to begin an evacuation. When the fire alarm activates, a loud horn or siren sounds, accompanied by flashing strobe lights. In some buildings there may also be a recorded voice notification.

At other times, it may be necessary to notify building occupants to evacuate in a more discreet manner. These orders may be given by police or fire personnel, building managers, supervisors, or other university officials.


In all cases, when notice is made to evacuate, leave the building right away in an orderly manner using established evacuation routes and stairs. DO NOT use the elevators.

Information regarding Evacuation of Disabled Persons.

Take immediately available personal items with you (i.e. purses, backpacks, etc.) as these items may not be available to you for some time. DO NOT go back into a building to retrieve personal items.

Go to your pre-determined gathering point or remain at a distance of at least 200 feet from the building. Follow all orders from authorized persons. If you are a supervisor, try to account for your employees and report any missing persons to the emergency personnel at the scene.

Do not re-enter the building until directed to do so by emergency response personnel.


Building Managers and Department administrators are required to plan evacuation gathering locations for their personnel. A tool to assist in this planning can be found at here (Word format). Please fill in the highlighted sections and use this to notify your building/departmental personnel of the university's fire alarm and evacuation policy.