University Fleet Safety Program

Program Overview

The updated University Fleet Safety Policy is designed to manage and mitigate risks associated with vehicle operations for official University business, ensuring compliance with the Arizona Administrative Code R2-10-207.12, and minimizing accidents and losses related to injuries and property damage.  

The policy applies to any vehicle (University-owned, personal, rental, leased, utility/specialty, and loaned vehicles) driven on University business by authorized drivers (faculty, staff, students, and volunteers, but not to contractors or vendors). Vehicles must always be operated safely and in compliance with policy regulations. Only qualified and authorized individuals may drive for University business. Personal use of University vehicles is prohibited

Why is the Fleet Safety Program Changing?  

The program was updated to comply and align with the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) fleet safety policy and to streamline internal processes for driving certification. Faculty, staff, students, and volunteers who drive for University business must now complete the Driving Certification course available in EDGE learning to operate a vehicle on University business.  

The previous defensive driver training and driver registration course components have been combined into this new certification training for efficiency and ease of use. In addition, the certification refresher requirement every four years has been removed. Once the driver certification is completed, a refresher is no longer required if you are in good status.   

Driver Qualifications and Requirements 

Individuals driving on University business must drive courteously and comply with all traffic laws and University policies, report accidents and citations immediately, and ensure safety belts are in use before placing the vehicle in motion at all times for themselves and their passengers. Drivers must always carry their valid driver’s license while operating a vehicle on University business. Passengers must be authorized personnel (staff, faculty, students, volunteers, or official guests) only.  

To drive for the University on business, individuals are required to have: 

  • A valid driver’s license appropriate to the vehicle type. Foreign and International Driver’s Licenses are not accepted. 
    • University employees must have a valid Arizona Driver's License. 
    • Students, volunteers, and Designated Campus Colleagues with Arizona residency must have an Arizona Driver's License. 
    • Non-resident students can use a valid license from another U.S. state. 
  • A good driving record (Acceptable status) 
  • Completed the Driver Certification in EDGE Learning 

The previous age requirement and two years of driving experience have been removed. However, anyone driving a High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) for the University must be at least 19 years old and have a valid Arizona license for at least three years. 

If an employee has a suspended driver’s license, they are not authorized to drive for the University. If an employee’s license has been suspended, they must notify their supervisor immediately. 

Regular Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reviews will be conducted by Risk Management Services (RMS) to assess driving history. Drivers are classified as acceptable, conditional, high-risk, or unacceptable based on their Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (AZMVD) records. Non-resident students will need to provide an MVR review from their state before driving. 

The MVR review includes evaluating the most recent 39-month period for licensing status and citation history, helping to classify the driver's status. 

The point system has been updated as well to align with the ADOA fleet safety policy and is as follows: 

Acceptable 5 or fewer points – Good standing.
Conditional 6-7 points - Can only drive if approved by the head of their department and must complete a defensive driver training annually until in Acceptable status.
High-Risk 8 or More Points - Can only drive if approved by the chief risk officer and must complete a defensive driver training annually until in Acceptable status.
Unacceptable Suspended driver's license. Prohibited from driving until license reinstatement verified by RMS.

Department and University Responsibilities

To ensure compliance with the Fleet Safety Policy across campus, we ask that members of departments review their role obligations below: 


Ensure only qualified and authorized drivers are allowed to drive on University business, assign responsibility for fleet safety and compliance., and allocate resources for vehicle maintenance and repair. 


Ensure only qualified and authorized individuals drive on University business and take necessary actions based on MVR evaluations provided by RMS. 


Operate vehicles safely and courteously. Notify supervisors of accidents, injuries, or loss of license.  

Risk Management Services 

RMS provides coordination and oversight for the University Fleet Safety program, including maintaining the Fleet Safety Policy, providing driver safety training, and coordinating MVR reviews.

Parking and Transportation (Motor Pool and Garage Units) 

Provide rental vehicles. Ensure annual safety inspections and repairs. 


The paths to obtaining the certificates below are as follows: 

Driver Certification

  • Driver Registration 
  • Defensive Driving training  
  • No refresher is required unless indicated otherwise by the individual’s supervisor or RMS 

HOV Certification 

  • Driver Certification (Pre-req, located in EDGE Learning) 
  • HOV Safe Driving (located in EDGE Learning) 
  • Behind the Wheel (in person with RMS) 
  • Refresher required every four years 

Utility/Golf Cart Certification  

  • Driver Certification (Pre-req, located in EDGE Learning) 
  • Utility Golf Cart Safe Driving (located in EDGE Learning) 
  • Supervisor Review and documentation (in person with department manager/supervisor) 
  • No refresher is required 

Vehicle Operation & Use 

Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance 

University vehicles must undergo annual safety inspections and necessary repairs. 

Use of Personal, Rental, and Leased Vehicles 

Personal and rental vehicles used for University business must comply with fleet safety guidelines. 

Accidents, Citations, Insurance, and Personal Use Vehicles 

All accidents must be reported immediately to RMS and the driver’s supervisors. Procedures include notifying appropriate authorities and completing an Auto Loss Report. The Accident Review and Fleet Safety Advisory Committee reviews serious accidents involving significant property damage or injuries. 

Drivers must report all traffic citations received while driving on University business and are responsible for paying all fines unless it was for a University vehicle mechanical issue. These are reviewed as part of the MVR evaluation. Any unsafe driving reports will be received by RMS and forwarded to the applicable department head for investigation and follow-up. Anonymous complaints are evaluated for validity by RMS. 

University vehicles are insured under state provisions. Personal vehicles used for University business are covered for liability on an excess basis. There is no insurance for personal use or unauthorized use of University vehicles. 

Personal vehicles can be used for University business if the driver meets all qualifications, completes the personal use form, has written authorization from their respective department head, and provides evidence of liability insurance. 

For questions about fleet safety issues, contact Risk Management Services at or 520-621-1790 for assistance.