Personal Vehicles

You must register as a UA driver, you must have prior approval from your Dean or Department Head to drive your personal vehicle on UA business and you must provide a current copy of your insurance card to your department. RMS has developed a form (PDF format) that may be used for this purpose.

While driving a personal vehicle on UA business, the driver's insurance is first in line for all claims. If the liability for an accident while driving on UA business exceeds the driver's personal insurance limits, the excess financial liability shifts to the UA through state insurance coverage. Because of this exposure, the UA is required to ensure that drivers of personal vehicles carry required minimum liability insurance.

No. There is no UA or state insurance coverage for damage to personal vehicles used on official business. Drivers are responsible for determining their own insurance needs for potential damage to their vehicle or other personal property. Any deductible or other expense associated with a claim against a personal insurance policy is the driver's responsibility, and is not paid by the UA.

No. There is no UA or state insurance coverage for loss or damage to personal property. If an individual incurring a loss believes that their loss or damage resulted from UA negligence, then the individual may make a liability claim against the UA, in accordance with applicable Arizona statutes for claims against public entities (A.R.S. §12-821.01).