Drone Approval Request

Please read Drone Policy below. By submitting a Drone Approval Request you agree to all terms and conditions as defined by RMS.


This applies to:

  • University of Arizona (UA) employees and students operating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) under FAA Part 107 regulations in any location as part of their University employment or as part of University activities;
  • The operation by any person of UAS or model aircraft on or above UA property. 
  • The purchase of UAS with funding through the UA, including university accounts, grants, or UA Foundation accounts, and;
  • The hiring for or contracting for any UAS services by a UA Department.

Procedures Statement

The operation of unmanned aircraft systems including drones and model aircraft is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and relevant state law. This document is intended to establish procedures required to ensure compliance with those legal obligations and to reduce risks to safety, security, and privacy.  Recreational use of UAS on campus is prohibited on or above UA property.

The University of Arizona must comply with FAA requirements, state law, and any other locally applicable laws or regulations regarding unmanned aircraft systems.  Also, inherent risks in the operation of such equipment require additional insurance provisions and policy considerations.


1) Anyone flying UAS  on  University of Arizona property are personally responsible for complying with FAA regulations Part 107, state and federal laws, and university policies.

2) Any University employee or student wishing to operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) as part of their University employment or as part of a University program must first:

  • Provide a Certificate of Aircraft Registration for the UAS
  • Provide a Part 61 Pilot Certificate for the operator and any pertinent Remote Pilot Certificates
  • Operate under the 2016 revision of FAA rules
  • Obtain a Part 107 Waiver issued by the FAA if operating outside the Part 107 regulation
  • Contact UA Risk Management Services for coordination and approval (see #3 and #4 below).

3. RMS is the coordinating UA department responsible for the following:

  • Registration of UA-owned UAS
  • Review of UAS use on UA property

4. Any University employee, student, or unit purchasing a UAS (or the parts to assemble a UAS), or UAS services with university funds or funds being disbursed through a university account, or grant funds, must provide RMS with the Certificate of Aircraft Registration, and Operators Certificates for any UA operators.

5. Any third party wishing to use a UAS or model aircraft over University property must first receive approval through RMS, which includes providing proof of FAA approval. In addition, operation of a UAS by a third party over University property must be under a contract which holds the University harmless from any resulting claims or harm to individuals and damage to University property and provides insurance as required by RMS.

6. It is the responsibility of the UAS operator(s) to know and follow all applicable rules and laws as may pertain to the use of UAS on UA property

7. Use of UAS must comply with any other applicable University policies. Use of UAS for video or electronic surveillance must comply with state and local laws.  All uses of UAS must comply with the following Appropriate and Prohibited Uses. 

Appropriate and Prohibited Uses

UAS may be used in the furtherance of University research, academic pursuits, and commercial endeavors that benefit the UA mission.

UAS shall not be used to monitor or record areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in accordance with accepted social norms. These areas include but are not limited to restrooms, locker rooms, individual residential rooms, changing or dressing rooms, health treatment rooms, and private residential properties.

UAS shall not be used to monitor or record residential hallways, residential lounges, or the insides of campus daycare facilities.

UAS shall not be used to monitor or record sensitive institutional or personal information which may be found, for example, on computer or other electronic displays in an individual’s workspace.


University of Arizona Property – all buildings, grounds, and land that is owned by the UA or controlled by the UA via leases or other formal contractual arrangements.

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – For the purposes of this policy, UAS must weigh less than 55 lbs. including payload.  UAS are also known as or may be characterized as Drones. According to the FAA, a UAS is the unmanned aircraft and all of the associated support equipment, control station, data links, telemetry, communications and navigation equipment, etc., necessary to operate the unmanned aircraft. UAS may have a variety of names including quadcopter, quadrotor, etc. Model aircraft are not considered by the FAA as UAS and have different regulations.


Any violations of university policies by an individual will be dealt with in accordance with applicable University policies and procedures, which may include disciplinary and academic actions up to and including termination or separation from the University.

Legal prohibitions regarding physical presence on campus/trespassing and other legal action may also be pursued against third parties that operate UAS in violation of this policy.

Contractors or vendors who violate University policies may lose the privilege to operate on UA property.

Fines or damages incurred by individuals or units that do not comply with this policy will not be paid by the University of Arizona and will be the responsibility of those persons involved.

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