Shop Safety

Machine and/or wood shops are present in many departments and academic laboratories for use by faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors.  Shop equipment and tools are routinely used to complete various projects that, if not handled properly, may result in a serious injury or even death.

Machine shops, laboratories or other work locations using such tools and equipment must establish fundamental shop safety rules.  These rules should outline the use of safe work practices and the use of proper personal protective equipment. Each user of a machine shop must be trained by shop supervisors on machine-specific safety procedures.

The University of Arizona's basic shop safety rules are available by clicking here: Basic Shop Safety Rules.

Employee awareness of potential hazards combined with following proper safety procedures can reduce accidents and injuries significantly. It is therefore, of vital importance that supervisors become familiar with those rules and procedures in the use of machinery and equipment under their control.

Shop safety depends upon the cooperation and support of everyone, students, staff, visitors and Shop Supervisors. It should be understood that these are minimum standards that apply to all University shops present on all campus. More detailed shop specific rules may be developed by Shop Supervisors and Departments.