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Risk Management Services (RMS) offers safety training for University students, employees, and volunteers. These online and in-person courses were developed to help mitigate risks associated with daily operations at the University. Please select one of the courses below to access enrollment tutorials and course requirements. Have questions? See our FAQ section below.

UAccess Learning Frequently Asked Questions

This is an issue we are aware of and working to remedy. Your certification is still valid and your actual completion date is accurately recorded in the system.

This error is due to one of the following.

a. You are a new student and need to log in, then log out and come back the next day for the system to activate your learner profile.

b. You are a current or former student who has been employed at the University in some capacity. Please send us your student/employee ID number so we can assist you. 


Certifications can only be renewed within 30-days prior to expiry. Reference your certification date to see if you are eligible to recertify. 

Visit the new EDGE Learning site for access to this class

The driver registration portion of the course needs to be manually marked as complete. This is done multiple times throughout the day. Be patient.