UA Main Campus UAS Blanket Authorization Permit

UA Main Campus UAS Blanket Authorization Permit

1.    Applicant will complete typical UAS Flight Permit Request found at

Responsible department head will be the primary contact; all pilots and UAVs will be listed on the application.  End date of operation will be 6 months after the operation start date.


2.    Flight Operational Requirements


a.    All flights required to comply with current FAA regulations and UA Risk Management policy guidelines for UAVs.  Risk Management Services is designated as the coordinating compliance unit for all UA UAV operations, and serves as the authority having jurisdiction.


b.    Pilot is responsible for identifying launch and flight zones that meet FAA requirements.  Launch and flight zones must be chosen to avoid flying over people and moving vehicles, and must be reasonably secured during flight operations to prevent people from entering the flight area.  Pilot and flight crew will wear appropriate identification or clothing (i.e. vests) identifying them as taking part in the flight operations. Areas of launch and flight shall be cordoned off using appropriate signage and barriers.


c.     Pilot is responsible for identifying and coordinating flight plans and access with any security sensitive flight locations when applicable.  Examples include Facilities Management, Mall Events Office, Housing and Residential Life, University Animal Care, and Banner UMC Security.


d.    Copy of permit and flight operations plan to be on site for all flight operations and must be presented upon request by UAPD, Risk Management, or other university authorities.


3.    Required Notifications

a.    Notify UAPD dispatch in advance of all flight operations, changes to flight operations, and at the conclusion of flight operations.

b.    Notify contacts for security sensitive locations as applicable.

c.     Notify RMS the day before flight operations with expected flight locations

d.    RMS to be immediately notified by phone of all accidents, property damage, or injury.  Written report required within 24 hours.


4.    Permit issued to responsible department head, signature acknowledgement of responsibilities required.  Permit to be updated when pilot or equipment information changes and renewed after six months..


5.    Failure to comply with permit requirements may result in cancellation of blanket authorization and restriction of flight operations.  All FAA penalties are the responsibility of the operating department.  

Flight operations will be terminated or postponed by RMS or UAPD, if a safety or security concern arises that cannot be corrected on site.