Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

Staff Directory

RMS Leadership      
Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Services Steven Holland phone: (520) 621-1790 email
Director, Occupational/Environment Health and Safety Herb Wagner phone: (520) 621-7691 email
Assistant Director, Insurance Programs Miguel Delgado phone: (520) 621-5392 email
Business Manager Linda Schoonmaker phone: (520) 621-3391 email
Administrative Assistant Meghann Caskey phone: (520) 621-1790 email
IT Support Analyst, Principal Xu Lu phone: (520) 626-5298 email
IT Support Help Desk Isaiah Sauceda phone: (520) 621-6583 email
Program Coordinator, Workers' Compensation Belen Aranda phone: (520) 621-3626 email
Program Coordinator, Auto and Property Insurance Joy Baine phone: (520) 621-3482 email
Campus Safety      
University Assistant Fire Marshal Andrew Kelley phone: (520) 621-1572 email
University Fire Inspector Jeff Warren phone: (520) 621-2921 email
Health/Safety Officer Frank Perez phone: (520) 626-8739 email
Instructional Specialist Senior Vacant position phone: (520) 626-1136 email
Industrial Hygiene and Safety Programs      
Health/Safety Officer John Murphy phone: (520) 621-4551 email
Health/Safety Officer Julia Rosen phone: (520) 621-1570 email
Industrial Hygienist Lorraine Santiago-Aguayo phone: (520) 621-3585 email
Health/Safety Specialist Bruno Loya phone: (520) 626-1049 email
Environmental Compliance      
Manager, Environmental Programs Jeff Christensen phone: (520) 621-1590 email
Hazardous Waste Supervisor VACANT phone: (520) 621-5861 email
Hazardous Waste Specialist Joe Divijak phone: (520) 621-7796 email
Hazardous Waste Specialist Mike Garcia phone: (520) 621-5210 email
Hazardous Waste Specialist Michael Holcomb phone: (520) 621-8782 email