Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

Sharps Disposal

By definition, a sharp is anything capable of inflicting a puncture wound. Examples are needles, scalpels, razor blades, pipette tips and other sharp metallic or plastic object. Such items must be disposed of properly to prevent injury to students, faculty or staff.

Individuals generating sharps waste are responsible for containing sharps in sharps containers. These containers are puncture resistant plastic containers available from UA Stores and vendors such as Fisher ScientificVWR or Grainger. Sharps containers must be located in the immediate area where sharps are used. When disposing of a needle, drop the needle and syringe assembly into the container. There is no need to re-cap a needle! When a sharps container is full, it becomes part of the Biohazardous/Pathological Waste Program. For information on this program go to "Biohazardous/Pathological Waste Disposal Procedure".

Questions regarding sharps can be directed to hazmat@email.arizona.edu or call 621-5861.