Risk Management Services

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Respirator Certified Proceedure

 Here you will find information for you to undergo the respirator certification process. If you encounter any problems or have any questions at all, feel free to contact Julia Rosen, Health/Safety Officer, at jcrosen@email.arizona.edu.

I.               Contact Julia Rosen at Risk Management Services by phone: (520) 621-1570 or by email: jcrosen@email.arizona.edu in order to receive a cover sheet.

·         This cover sheet details the potential hazards that may occur at your worksite.

II.             Complete the OSHA Respirator Medical Form

·         Depending on the information outlined in you personalized cover sheet you will be required to either fill out the long form or short form.  Additional tests and physical exams are required if you work with certain substances.  

Fill out the short form If you need to wear a N95, half-face or powered air purifying respirator.  Fill out the long form if you need to also wear a full-face respirator or SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus).

·         You can find the Respirator Medical Long/Short form Here: Medical Form

·         DO NOT return this form to Risk Management Services

III.           Send your Coversheet, Medical Long/Short Form, and Medical Clearance Form to Campus Health Services, Occupational Health Clinic

·         Campus Health will accept your documents ONLY by Walk in, Mail-In: 1224 E. Lowell St. Tucson, AZ 85721-0095, or by FAX: (520) 621-5644.

·         Risk Management will assist personnel outside of Tucson to find an occupational health clinic in your neighborhood.

IV.          Have your Health Care Provider sign off your Medical Clearance Form

·         This Medical Clearance form can be found Here: Clearance Form

V.            Schedule your FIT Test and Hands on Training

·         You may set up an appointment  using this link: rmsua.appointy.com.   Fit tests are performed by Risk Management personnel and trained fit testers at the department level. 

VI.          Congratulations!  Your Respiratory Protection Program Certificate signifying your completion should be available within X business days.  Your certificate is good for one year, so please expect a reminder email next year.