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Online Inspection Request

Online Inspection Request Form

Minimum time required between request and inspection date is shown in parenthesis.
Second inspection request for the same project (if applicable).
Third inspection request for the same project (if applicable).

*Risk Management Services will not perform "acceptance final inspections" on fire pumps, and above/underground fuel storage tanks. 
However, RMS is to be present as a witness to the acceptance final. These are noted above as "WITNESS". 

Building Information

Choose the building this permit applies to(Note the building number is the first section of the permit number):

If you don't know your building number, you can look it up by Building Name or Building Address

If your building doesn't appear in either of the above two lists, please input your building information here. Please include building name, number and full address.


Applicant's Information

The person who fills out the application is the applicant.

Project Information

The University of Arizona Project manager must be a University of Arizona employee.

Tenant Information (Only required if the tenant is not part of a University Organization)

Not required if this person is the applicant.
Insert any additional information that was not stated above.