Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

Student and Volunteer Accident Insurance

Accident insurance coverage is available to cover medical expenses associated with accidental injuries to U of A students while traveling as part of a university sponsored program, and for official volunteers doing work for the U of A. This coverage is excess any other available health insurance, and has specific limitations and exclusions. Coverage is automatic while volunteers and students are engaged in covered activities, and at this time there is no cost to volunteers, students, or U of A departments for this coverage.

To ensure program eligibility for university volunteers, there must be documentation of the volunteer's relationship with the U of A that describes the scope of their service, expected duration, and how their volunteer activities will be directed and supervised. Volunteers must be engaged in authorized activities at the time of injury to be eligible for coverage. See additional information regarding volunteer coverage.

Enrolled U of A students are eligible for coverage under this program while participating in university sponsored and supervised domestic travel activities. Examples of covered activities include academic field trips, official travel for activities of recognized student organizations, student government, and sports clubs. Travel for intercollegiate sports programs in not covered.