Fire Watch/Guard Request

This form must be submitted to allow at least 2 full working days between the day the form  is submitted and the day the fire guard is required. (i.e. submit on Monday for a Thursday shutdown.) This time is needed for proper routing and approval. This form will be emailed directly to Risk Management Services for approval.

Purpose: A fire watch is one or more individuals assigned to patrol an area or building to look for fire and alert others in the building/area if a fire has been discovered.

A fire watch is required when a building’s automatic fire detection and or fire suppression systems need to be shut down thus disabling the fire protection system(s) in place such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, beam detectors, , or visual and audio warning devices as well as automatic fire sprinklers .  A fire watch is also required when hot work might cause more than a minor fire.  Areas where there is no fire detection or fire suppression protection in place are considered at risk of more than a minor fire.

An individual participating a fire watch shall: 

  • Have fire extinguishing equipment ready and be trained in its use
  • Be familiar with facilities for sounding an alarm in the event of a fire
  • Watch for fires in all exposed areas, in case of fire only attempt to extinguish if within the capacity of the available equipment, or otherwise sound the alarm.
  • Have means of communicating with each other and contacting UAPD at 621-8273 in case of emergency
  • Have a method of evacuate the building (i.e. air horn, or pull station to activate building fire alarm)
  • Not perform any other duty than the fire watch
  • Must have English as their primary language, this requirement is due to the fact that UAPD dispatch center does not have Spanish speaking dispatchers available at all times.
  • Maintain the fire watch for at least a half hour after completion of the hot work 

Failure to properly maintain fire watch will result in an immediate termination of the shutdown and work being performed will be stopped. The project manager will be informed of the event.


Building Information

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