Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

Fleet Safety Policy APPENDIX D


University vehicles may be driven in Mexico with prior authorization and proper insurance documentation. Risk Management Services (RMS) coordinates Mexican automobile liability insurance for UA owned vehicles, as provided by State Risk Management. Mexican vehicle insurance is only provided for UA owned vehicles. Private vehicles and commercial rental vehicles used on UA business in Mexico are not covered by this program.


UA departments planning a trip into Mexico must obtain a Mexican insurance packet from RMS in advance of their trip. These packets are vehicle and driver specific and must be placed in the vehicle prior to travel to Mexico. Authorities in Mexico only recognize coverage issued by insurance companies from Mexico, not coverage issued by insurance companies from the United States.


UA units renting a vehicle from UA Garage and Motor Pool must indicate travel to Mexico on an authorized Request for Motor Pool Vehicle form. The request form can be found online at http://www.fm.arizona.edu/fm-dept/MotorPool.html. Please list all authorized drivers in purpose of trip section. It is recommended that vehicle requests be submitted as early as possible. Once the vehicle reservation is set up with the Motor Pool and vehicle assignment is established, the information is faxed to RMS for use in preparing the insurance packet. Names of drivers are typed on a new copy of the affidavit that is notarized to grant permission for those individuals to take the assigned vehicle to Mexico. The packet is checked for completeness and for Notary of Public stamp and signature on the copies of Certificate of Title and, if available, the Title and Registration Application. RMS will call the user department when the packet is ready for pickup.

Mexican insurance packets for UA Garage and Motor Pool vehicles must be picked up in person from RMS during normal working hours. Packets may be picked up at the front desk of the RMS office, located at the University Services Annex, USA Bldg. 300B, 220 W. Sixth Street, 2nd floor South, Room 400. RMS office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Upon completion of the trip, insurance packets should be returned to RMS as soon as possible. The insurance packet is vehicle specific, but it must be updated with a new notarized copy of the affidavit with driver information for each trip.


UA departments that own their own vehicles separate from the UA Garage and Motor Pool may obtain vehicle specific Mexican insurance packets to be used as needed. Packets must be prepared and periodically updated by RMS. Departments are responsible for notifying RMS in advance of all Mexico trips with departmental vehicles and for ensuring that Mexican insurance packets are kept current. Advance trip notification to RMS is via a form titled: Request for Mexican Insurance Coverage for Departmental Vehicles. Contact RMS for forms and information.