Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

Fleet Safety Policy APPENDIX A


DATE: March 02, 2004

TO: Deans, Directors and Department Heads

FROM: Joel Valdez, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs

SUBJECT:New Vehicle Policies

In response to a recent Arizona Board of Regents Audit, the University's policies concerning vehicles and driving on university business are being updated. The intent of the audit was to verify that the University is exercising due diligence towards the ABOR goal of loss prevention. One section of the audit report addresses vehicle safety, and provides recommendations to improve the safety of the University's vehicles in order to reduce both frequency and severity of losses. Specifically, the audit identified the need for centralized oversight of vehicle maintenance, safety inspections, and record keeping.

Other vehicle policy changes still in development will address minimum driver qualifications, review of driving records, adoption of acceptable driving record criteria for persons driving on University business, and changes to the high occupancy vehicle training program to add a behind-the-wheel component to the program. As these policies are completed and adopted, they will be publicized to the campus community.

To address the issue of vehicle safety inspections, the following procedures will be effective April 1, 2004.

University Motor Pool mechanics will perform annual safety inspections of all licensed vehicles and (trailers). Any detected safety deficiencies will be corrected or otherwise addressed prior to the concerned vehicle being able to return to service. The Motor Pool staff will be authorized to remove, and are expected to remove, from service any vehicle they determine to be unsafe for operation until repairs can be performed. The Motor Pool mechanics will be authorized to correct the unsafe condition or ensure that the vehicle is towed to an outside facility for repair.

Departments are responsible for keeping inspections current, and budgeting for vehicle operation costs, including maintenance, and repairs.

Copy of current University of Arizona – Preventive Maintenance Service Log, safety issues indicated by an asterisk, is attached.)

Primary responsibility for annual vehicle safety inspections will be assigned to the Motor Pool. The Motor Pool will maintain records of inspections, and will oversee any arrangements that authorize other departments to have delegated responsibility for inspections or other vehicle safety related programs. This will enable a centralized control mechanism for ensuring that annual safety inspections are performed on vehicles that are housed and used at other University of Arizona sites away from the Tucson area.

Vehicles and (trailers) that are housed and used at other University of Arizona sites will be required to take their vehicles to a certified safety inspection station on an annual basis. (It is suggested that this be done on the anniversary date of the vehicle's acquisition.) A legible copy of the safety inspection and a copy of the invoice detailing repairs resulting from the inspection will be sent to the Motor Pool at Post Office Box 210498, Tucson, Arizona 85721.

It is our intention to make this process as painless as possible. We expect that this will become an annual routine procedure for all University departments that own or lease vehicles as part of their operations. It is suggested that vehicle operators take advantage of this annual inspection process and while their vehicles are at the Garage Motor Pool facility, or other designated facility that they have other services performed such as routine maintenance, oil changes, air filters and emission testing as needed.