Risk Management Services

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Fleet Safety Policy

Policy Number: RM-002
Contact: Director of Risk Management Services
Revision Date: June 12, 2018

1.0 Fleet Safety Policy Information

1.1 Policy Statement

Vehicles driven on University of Arizona ("university") business shall be operated in a safe manner, in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Only properly qualified and authorized persons may drive on university business. University vehicles may only be used for official, authorized purposes; personal use is prohibited. Drivers who fail to adhere to vehicle policies and procedures may have their driving privileges suspended, and are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

1.2 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to establish university policy for driving on official university business, and to define the procedures in place to minimize the potential for accidents and losses. Vehicle operation represents a significant source of potential loss exposure for the university. Accidents can result in losses arising from injuries to employees or others, and property damage to university vehicles and private property. This document also defines the framework for university compliance with the Arizona Administrative Code fleet safety rule for state agencies outlined in R2-10-207.12.

1.3 Applicability

This policy is applicable to operation of any vehicle on university business by any authorized driver. This includes university owned vehicles, personal vehicles, rental vehicles, leased vehicles, and/or vehicles on loan to the university for official business. This policy is also applicable to any person that is authorized to drive on university business, including faculty, staff, students, or volunteers. University vendors and/or contractors may not be authorized to drive on university business, and are not subject to this policy.

1.4 Responsibilities

  1. Administrators, managers, and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that only properly qualified and authorized individuals are allowed to drive vehicles in support of university programs and activities under their direction and control.
  2. Administrators, in addition to the above, are responsible for assigning responsibility for (a) fleet safety and compliance with the provisions of this policy within their respective units, and (b) allocating appropriate resources for maintenance and repair of vehicles under their inventory control.
  3. Drivers are responsible for operating vehicles on university business in a safe and courteous manner at all times, and for complying with all provisions of this policy (See Section 3.1). Drivers have specific responsibilities to only drive on university business when properly authorized, and to immediately notify supervisors of accidents, injuries, loss of license, etc. as outlined in this document.
  4. Risk Management Services (RMS) Department is responsible for providing coordination and oversight for the university's fleet safety program, including the following:
    1. Maintaining the university Fleet Safety Policy current with applicable state rules, regulations, and industry fleet safety practices.
    2. Providing or identifying driver safety training programs to meet the needs of the campus community.
    3. Maintaining a registration database of authorized university drivers.
    4. Coordinating motor vehicle record (MVR) review of drivers.
    5. Providing notification to supervisors and department heads concerning driver status, restrictions, and required actions.
    6. Coordinating insurance claims for losses involving university vehicles.
    7. Coordinating a vehicle accident review committee.
  5. Facilities Management (Motor Pool Unit) is responsible for the following:
    1. Providing a rental fleet of university vehicles for official use.
    2. Ensuring that annual safety inspections and appropriate repairs are made for all university vehicles.

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