Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division

In Case of Fire

If you discover fire, smoke, or hear the fire alarm:

  • Leave the building immediately via the stairs. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.
  • As you leave close all doors, including those propped open.
  • On your way out, you will pass a fire alarm pull station. If the alarm is not already ringing, PULL IT.
  • Once outside, get away from the building.
  • Building Manager should call the University Police Department (Tucson Fire Department (9-1-1) for off-campus locations) and report the details of the fire: UAPD: 621-8273 or 9-1-1
  • Remain outside the building until the "ALL CLEAR" is given by the Tucson Fire Department or UAPD. Silencing of the alarms does not constitute an "ALL CLEAR."

Information regarding Evacuation of Disabled Persons.

Tucson Fire Department