Driver Registration

Any person who drives for a UA business purpose is required to register and meet driver eligibility requirements. This requirement extends to operation of UA vehicles, personal vehicles, rental vehicles, and golf carts or scooters used on UA business.

Drivers of regular vehicles (sedans, pickups, golf carts) must be at least 18 years old, and have a minimum of two years driving experience. Drivers of High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs) must be at least 19 years old and have a minimum of three years of driving experience. All drivers must have an acceptable driving record.

State rules require the UA to review each driver's motor vehicle record for moving violations during the most recent 39 months. Points are accrued for each violation and the total points accrued within the 39 month monitoring period result in the driver's record being classified as acceptable, conditional, or unacceptable. The point system is described in the Fleet Safety Policy.

A conditional driving record means that there are multiple moving violations on the driver's record, but the total number of points accrued is less than the unacceptable level. Conditional drivers are required to complete (or repeat) defensive driving training, and their motor vehicle record is reviewed every six months until their conditional status has expired. Additionally, drivers with conditional driving records must obtain written authorization from their Department Head to drive on UA business.

An unacceptable driving record means that the number of moving violations accrued during a 39 month period exceed the driver eligibility criteria adopted in the UA's Fleet Safety Policy. An individual with an unacceptable driving record is prohibited from driving any vehicle on UA business until their most recent 39 month driving record improves to conditional or acceptable status.

The UA is required to ensure that all drivers meet eligibility and licensing requirements. There is no minimum threshold of driving frequency that exempts a driver from the registration and approval process.

Per Arizona law, individuals who live and work in Arizona are required to obtain an Arizona Driver's License. There are exemptions to this requirement for full time non-resident students, as well as military personnel and their spouses. However, the most recent 39 month driving record must be obtained and reviewed, even if the time period overlaps multiple states.

The Center of Student Involvement and Leadership requires that all persons driving for student organizations must have been licensed in Arizona for three years, regardless of residency status. This is necessary due to the extreme difficulty in obtaining out-of-state driving records for very short-term drivers.

Yes. All U.S. Licenses in the previous 39 months must be checked. Drivers can obtain other state records on their own and forward to RMS, or this can be accomplished through Human Resources and their background screening firm.

The UA has no mechanism to obtain driving records from foreign countries, so review of driving records for persons new to the U.S. are not done. However, an Arizona Driver's License must be obtained prior to being authorized to drive on UA business.

RMS may be able to obtain the previous number. Please call 621-1790 and ask to speak with the fleet safety officer for assistance.