Accidents and Citations

Yes, the driver is responsible for all tickets received in University vehicles. Drivers are required to immediately notify their supervisor about citations received while driving on UA business.

You are only required to notify your supervisor of citations which result in loss or suspension of the driver's license, or any other change to driving status. Examples of these include Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or receiving a moving violation while already on conditional driving status.

Yes, any change in your legal ability to drive must be conveyed to your supervisor at the earliest opportunity, and before any further driving on UA business.

If you are required to drive on UA business as part of your job, you are required to comply with the physician's order and immediately advise you supervisor that you cannot drive. You are not required to provide the details of your medical condition to your supervisor. However, if the driving restriction is associated with a qualifying disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), then your supervisor may need to consult with the Disability Resource Center concerning options for reasonable accommodation per UA policy.

Yes, all accidents while driving on UA business must be reported to the driver's supervisor, and Risk Management Services as soon as possible. Accidents that involve injury to any person or property damage greater than very minor scrapes must also be reported to the local law enforcement agency where the accident occurred. Drivers and their supervisors are required to complete a written Auto Loss Report Form and submit to RMS as soon as possible after the accident.