Risk Management Services

A Unit of the Business Affairs Division
Friday, January 1, 2016

The procedure for managing workplace injuries has been updated.  Initial steps for employees and supervisors remain unchanged, but a new service is now available to assist employees with referral to appropriate medical care for treatment of their injury. 

STEP ONE - Advise your supervisor of the injury as soon as possible.  Be prepared to provide details to the supervisor about the injury (how, when, where, type and extent of injury), and whether medical treatment is needed.  The injury must be reported to the supervisor whether medical attention is needed or not.  The supervisor needs this information to accurately report the injury online to Risk Management Services and comply with OSHA reporting requirements.

STEP TWO - Get medical attention if needed.  For non-emergency medical care, a new on-call triage service is available for employees to make an initial report and obtain assistance with locating a medical treatment facility.  The service is staffed by registered nurses trained in occupational health and can be called 24/7 from any phone, anywhere in the U.S.  Injured workers that call the service should identify themselves as UA employees.  The nurse will gather information from the injured employee, and assist them with locating medical care for treatment of their injury that has the necessary capabilities, and is convenient to the employee's location.  Use of this service DOES NOT REPLACE the requirement to notify the supervisor of the injury.  If the supervisor is not immediately available, do not delay medical care if needed. 

To obtain guidance and referral to a medical treatment facility - call 800-685-2877    This service is intended for routine injury care, for medical emergencies call 9-1-1.

STEP THREE - The supervisor is required to report the injury to Risk Management Services via the online system available for this purpose.  The supervisor's report is required for OSHA required recordkeeping, and to submit a worker's compensation insurance claim on the employee's behalf.  To access the online reporting tool, go to: http://risk.arizona.edu/report-injury.  For questions, contact the Worker's Compensation Program Coordinator, Belen Aranda at 520-621-3626 or baa@email.arizona.edu