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Laboratory Chemical Safety

Welcome to the laboratory chemical safety homepage! If you are a University of Arizona (UA) employee, student, or department sponsored visitor (i.e., Lab Worker) involved in the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals, this page will link you to applicable information and requirements.

The Laboratory Chemical Safety (LCS) Manual describes the proper use and handling practices and procedures to be followed by people working with hazardous chemicals in UA laboratories, to protect them from potential health and physical hazards presented by chemicals used in the workplace, and to keep chemical exposures below specified limits. Currently, staff from The Office of Responsible Conduct of Research (ORCR) and Risk Management Services function as the interim Chemical Safety Committee. The Committee provides interim oversight for implementation of the LCS Manual. The Laboratory Safety Committee structure is currently being re-designed to provide institutional oversight for this important safety and compliance effort. Visit the links below for more explanation and details: