The University of Arizona

Risk Management Services

Chemical Safety Bulletins

The following events occurred at the University of Arizona. The incident information is summarized for your information so that accidents can be avoided. Specific locations and names have been omitted.

Regarding Title Issue
Acetone Fire 07/20/12
Ammonium Hydroxide/Hydrochloric Acid Chemical Inhalation 09/22/10
Argon Asphyxiation 11/27/07
Arsine Toxic Gas Inhalation 12/05/07
Benzenesulfonyl Chloride Chemical Exposure 09/22/10
Borane-Tetrahydrofuran Complex Solution Pressure Explosion and Chemical Exposure 09/22/10
Bromine Bromine Exposure 09/22/10
Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gas Leak 10/08/08
Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gas Leak 11/13/07
Carbon Monoxide Toxic Gas Leak 04/03/07
Chloroform Chemical Spill and Injury 04/04/07
Compressed Air/Hydrochloric Acid Small Pressure Explosion 08/18/11
Cyanogen Bromide Possible Chemical Exposure 09/23/08
Ethanol Fire 11/02/07
Ethanol/Potassium Hydroxide Fire 06/30/11
Ethidium Bromide Chemical Exposure to the Hand 09/22/10
Ethyl Acetate/Petroleum Ether Solvent Fire 11/27/07
Ethyl Ether Fire 08/18/11
Ethyl Mercaptan Chemical Odor Complaint 08/18/11
High Pressure Reaction Explosion and Fire 04/20/08
Hydrochloric Acid/Nitric Acid Pressure Explosion and Chemical Exposure/Injury 09/22/10
Hydrochloric Acid/Nitric Acid Acid Vapor Exposure 09/22/10
Hydrogen Chloride Abandoned Toxic/Corrosive Compressed Gas Cylinder 09/24/08
Hydrogen Fluoride Inhalation 11/22/10
Hydrogen Sulfide Leaking Toxic Gas 11/27/07
Hydrogen Sulfide Toxic Gas Leak/Exposure 11/27/07
Isopropanol Lab Fire 08/19/11
Methanol Fire 05/31/12
Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Exposure 08/17/11
Organic and/or Inorganic Arsenic Compounds Chemical Contamination 12/03/07
Organic Arsenic Metabolite Chemical Exposure 11/30/07
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Falling Compressed Gas Cylinder 12/06/07
Potassium Bis(trimethylsilyl)amide Chemical Exposure 07/11/12
Potassium Metal Fire 09/09/10
Silane Potential Fire or Explosion 12/07/07
Silicone Oil Fire 04/16/12
Sodium Azide Explosion and Fire 08/17/11
Sodium Hydride Fire 08/17/11
Trifluoroacteic Acid Chemical Splash 09/09/10